Inspiration quotes

You can’t go wrong doing right

Don’t forget the word when going through difficult times

It costs too much not to receive
correction. Correction will save your life.

Where the Lord is taking you. You have to get over yourself.

Don’t lay up your treasures in earthly places.Lay up your treasures in heavenly places

Courage is increased in hard times.

I’m Encouraged

I’m encouraged I’m encouraged to go on with the Lord. Discouragement goodbye. I’m encouraged to get my priorities in the right place I’m encouraged to win my battles. Who fight for me he’ll fight for me. So put my so put me up in the Saddle . I’m encouraged to do my part. Whatever it takes I’m here to start. I’m encouraged to walk this race. Whatever it takes I walk at my own pace. I have a win-win in this life you said all it takes is a willingness for me. The wise woman said willingness is where you to start. It takes willingness from the heart. I’m encouraged to be all I can be. I feel I can only be me. It takes courage to do all of this. But with his strength I will make it without rest without risk.

People like the way you make them feel.

people like the way you make them feel. When you come in with a good attitude and kind words to say. People like it that way. When you have harsh and negative words to say. people tend to people tend to run away. When do you say good morning mam when you say good morning sir . Much respect is deserved. People feel good they know you have a plan. people like it when you’re warm and kind.They know within your spirit you shine. People feel uncomfortable when there’s an angry stare. It makes people stay aware that they don’t want to be around you. People like it when you compliment them. They like it when you build them up and don’t condemn. Some people like it so much that they might call you a friend.

Prayers for addictions

Prayers for addictions we pray for all of those who are struggling with addictions. We pray God that you would strengthen that meet you at every time. We know according to Isaiah 53
by your stripes we are healed. Pray that you will heal us in our addictions. We pray that the root of rejection, hurt, abuse, trauma that God would heal us from the root.
We pray that we would use the necessary tools to help us heal in our addiction. So in Christ we are a new creature. Old things are passed away and behold all things are new. We claim old things being passed away we thank you that we have become new. You are committed to a healing or God. That you love us God. That we would co-partner with you to bring healing in our lives. Amen